Life on the Farm

When I think about all the years I dreamt about having a farm, the thing that strikes me is that I underestimated how much I would just love the lifestyle.   But we really enjoy the atmosphere of having the horses at home … not to mention the other creatures!!

And we have some creatures, let me tell you.  Owls, hedgehogs, even coyotes.  We have one really beautiful heron that comes every day to have a snack in the creek:


We also have some good size turtles, and one rather large black snake.  I have to confess, even though I know Snakes.Are.Good, he kind of freaked me out.


He’s harmless (unless you are a mouse or similar) but geez. That whole slithering thing.  Yikes.  In fairness, though, we don’t seem to have any mice or rats anywhere on the farm. Credit where due and all that.  🙂

We’ve also been working on landscaping the arena, and I have to admit I am enjoying that project quite a lot.   We hosted a clinic here a couple weekends ago and it was fun to show off the farm a bit.  We still have SO much to do, but it feels like it is coming together really nicely.

We also took a field trip of sorts over the long weekend and finally got back to the show ring.  We are already qualified for Regionals at Training level but thought we might take a swing at also qualifying for First.  Let’s just say it was a stretch goal since we’ve never actually put that whole test together at home, but JJ was awesome and rocked it.  We squeaked through the first test with a 62.5 but nailed it for a 66.7 the second time around so I am really pleased.

JoJo Conyers trot Labor Day 2018

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