Well, the move is complete (if you define complete as, “we moved in,” rather than, “we moved, unpacked, put everything away, and the house is neat and organized now.” Grin.)

But even surrounded by boxes – which seem to be everywhere, but never contain whatever you might be looking for at that very moment – just being here is astonishingly joyful.   Waking up and seeing views of the pastures from every window is still a bit unreal, but in the nicest possible way.  You can actually see pastures from every window in the house!

I am really anxious to get the house put together … so I can start on the barn, of course. The first project will likely be finishing out the tackroom.  This is what it looked like before we moved in:

Tack room

Of course, in my mind’s eye, it is already finished, with beadboard on the walls, nice fixtures on the walls, a finished floor with a pretty rug, and coordinated tack trunks and blanket racks!  I am dying to get to it, but work travel this time of year means I do a lot of “planning,” (ie Pinterest) in my hotel at night.

This weekend is the first time since we moved that I will be home the whole weekend, so maybe we will finally be able to get started! Now that is Joy.

Very grateful.

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