Fun in Progress

I know, I know… it’s been a while since I’ve done an update.  It’s been busy here at Hedgerow as we’ve been getting the farm organized!

Probably the most exciting project at the moment is the new arena.  The farm has a pretty nice existing arena, with good drainage and a nice base, so we have a good starting point.   We do want to expand it quite a bit, and put in a performance surface that will enable us to ride even when it’s wet out, which is an issue here in the spring and fall.  After extensively researching the options, we’ve chosen FutureTrack, and can’t wait to get started (if only it would stop raining long enough to get the equipment in here.)

Arena stakes

The new ring is staked out … it will be a much larger area than we have currently.

The new ring will be 100′ x 130′ which is significantly larger than what we have currently.  At the same time, we will adjust some of the surrounding area to better manage the drainage needed and we’ll create a couple of new paddocks.   In the meantime, we’re doing a lot of pasture maintenance, aerating and seeding and so on.  We’ve been giving our new garden tractor a workout!!

We’ve also been working on upgrades for the barn.  The stalls have now been re-leveled and the mats replaced, to make sure the horses will be comfortable.  Our electrician is coming next week to upgrade the wiring in the barn to 220, add some GFCI outlets, prepare the installation for the stall fans… and maybe most exciting, set up the necessary connections for the Solarium we are putting in the wash rack.  I have wanted one of these set ups for the longest time and am really excited to finally have it on order.  Big thanks to our friends at Wilsun’s Customs who are the official US distributor for this amazing product that will keep our horses comfortable in any weather!

Washrack in progressThe washrack is another work-in progress.  We actually bought all the mats that were available at our local Tractor Supply and are still 2 short to finish the flooring, but we were able to get the mesh that will cover the drain to prevent clogs, and get the other mats cut for the aisle way.  It’s amazing what a difference that has made in the barn’s appearance.

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