The Hedgerow team heads south!


So… as previously mentioned, after getting quotes for the covered arena, we realized we could spend quite a lot of winter time in FL for the same price, and we could enjoy much warmer temperatures in addition to all the nice sunshine!  That was an easy decision, LOL.  It is such a gorgeous place – each farm is more gorgeous than the last.

Welly coveredWelly lakewelly landscapingWelly pretty scenery

The horses settled in really well and I think they’ve enjoyed the change as well.  I wasn’t sure how well they would travel together – they can be a little snarky to each other in the barn.  As a precaution, I put the solid headwall back into the trailer and gave both boys huge nets of tasty alfalfa to occupy them on the journey, and all went well.  They are now stabled next to each other in a barn that has the nice grilled dividers and interestingly enough, they are now acting like besties.  Go figure.

Welly special paddock

Wellington in winter is equestrian mecca.  The sheer number of gorgeous horses and talented riders is simply amazing.  And oh, the shopping. Geez.  You could really go crazy!! We’ve been going to Global to watch the CDIs and wow, is the quality incredible.  Such an inspiration.

Global arena

It does give you a really clear mental picture of what this sport is supposed to look like (!) which is great motivation for my own lessons. Feeling very blessed to have this opportunity.

Welly riding


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