A farm is always a work-in-progress

Which is part of the fun, I think.

This spring, we’ve started to work on the house.  I think it might have been in one of my very first little posts that I talked about painting the house in white with black or grey trim.  That finally happened and I love it.  It was painted to match the barn, of course.   Here is the before and after:

We’re doing some work on the interior as well.  The kitchen is probably the biggest project so far.   The original space wasn’t the biggest, but it was functional.  However, the cabinets were likely original to the house, and not in very good condition, and the storage was pretty limited.  So we bit the bullet, installed new cabinetry and a new counter and backsplash, and extended the storage into what had been a small  hallway to the laundry room to create a butler’s pantry.  We’re pretty happy with how it’s coming along.  The painters are actually here today to do some finish work, and then we’ll move on to the great room.

For those who like the before and after comparison, here is the start and, er… middle I guess.  Not quite finished yet!

Old kitchen for blog
From this …
New kitchen with backsplash
to this…

We’ve still got to put in the pot filler, and replace the chairs.  But it’s coming along.

Lest you think the ponies have been totally forgotten, we are still working on more options for turnout.  We’ve had a drainage system installed in the area leading to the back pasture, which will soon become a couple of small all weather paddocks for use in wet conditions.  And we’ve decided to cross fence two of the larger pastures so that we have more flexibility with respect to turnout and pasture rotation.  That should be done in a couple of weeks.

It’s always something! But great fun.

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