More Farm Projects

Lest you think we have abandoned farm projects as we do the house…!  Oh, no – the horses wouldn’t put up with that, haha.

This past week we finally got the “bucking paddocks” done.  Well, I say done, but that’s not *quite* accurate; I’m waiting for the barrier I ordered to block off the lane to the run in shed.  But for now, the horses seem to be OK with the simple rope barrier I put up instead.

We do get a fair amount of rain here at certain times of the year, and one of the challenges we have with the amazing grass that FarmOps grows is that it can be a bit slick when wet.  So when we did the additional cross fencing of the big pastures recently, I had the fence guys put in a couple more sections to give me two smallish bucking paddocks between the arena, the sacrifice paddock and the back fields.  I would guess the small one is about 20 x 40 and the larger one maybe a bit more than double that.  We put in french drains and a gravel base so they are super stable even after a downpour.   The horses got to try them out this weekend after we had a huge storm;  it was nice that they could still get out of their stalls instead of being stuck inside (and it was also nice to have somewhere to put them out while we did the barn!)

Dry lots

It was actually incredible how much rain we got (and the real bummer is that it was gorgeous all day while we were doing chores and only started pouring when it was time to ride!!)

But we did get a really gorgeous sunset out of it…

Sunset over Hedgerow

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